Energy Auditors Project Managers Inc.’s commitment to balancing financial goals with social and environmental objectives. For this reason we develop a custom home project execution plan to fit our clients. Located in Houston and service all of the sorrunding areas. In addition to that we are able to support construction projects all over the great state of Texas.

We are with you during all phases of your project :


Our consultants will work with you to develop a desgn to fit your needs. By the same token making it the perfect fit!

As a matter of fact our design team will develop your own floor plan from scratch, or

help put the finishing touches on your plan and make your dream a reality sometimes good ideas fail !

Planning (Schedule and Budget)

Once you’ve a design developed,  the next step is bugeting  and estimate the time to execute.

When scheduling we determine all tasks and processes that must be accomplished. As a result we can develop a realistic schedule that helps to keep a project on track .

When budgeting we ensure all aspects of the home building process are covered in order to develop a realistic budget, this process allows us to set benchmarks.

Starting with evaluating the ideal location of your home Land cost is the price paid for the property where you plan to build your new home. If you have already purchased your property Great! However, a well-informed team can also assist you with locating the perfect piece of property

Energy efficient house Cost is the overall price estimated to build your new home from the foundation up as a Turn-key projects. As your construction managers, we will work with you to personalize the features in your home to suit your specific lifestyle and reach your budget goals.

Site Cost refers to those items necessary to prepare your land for your new home. These vary by location and can include such items as existing house demolitions, clearing, water wells, tap fees, etc. We will help you to estimate cost and more important to solve and execute it!

Contract Process

After deciding a budget, we’ll work with you to complete a friendly contract process and plan to execute at your pace.

Any contract you prefer Lump Sum – turnkey, cost plus among other what we like to guarantee is total transparency in cost of the execution, no surprises professional analysis of any change

How is this different and better than most other builders?  we are looking for the Win-Win situation . you will have  a team of professionals working and dedicated to your project and partnering with the best for your benefit

Customizing your home !

What do you like ? What do you enjoy in a home ? , we give you the opportunity choosing your home features, from start to finish. Environmentally friendly materials , energy saving appliances to recycled materials , you named. We work the journey with you !

Building Your Home

We are there to help you build your home, all the way to completion in any style and materials

Custom Homes home sustainable home